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Mt Macedon Rose Bodycare

Inspired by the exotic gardens of Mount Macedon, northern-west of Melbourne, Australia.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging for Consumo Cuidado

A while back, I created the identity branding for Consumo Cuidado, a community that specialises in importing and selling natural, organic and eco-friendly. After having created the initial identity, I then created fictional packaging based on the initial identity work. 

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French-Inspired Brand and Packaging for Bath Soaps from Manila

A new skincare product line required a unique brand name, a distinctive brand identity, and packaging design that will communicate the premium and beneficial qualities of the hero product. 

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Bathing Consumer Brand Creation and Packaging Concept for Cats

" Bathing is a new and scary concept for most cats.
Try and keep bath time positive and introduce bathing to your cat gradually!"

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Skincare Company Based in the Netherlands Create Soap Packaging Concept for US Market

"Gets Folks Clean! Folk Soap is a skincare company concept based in the Netherlands and marketed in the USA."

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