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Soft Drinks Brand Kinnie Basks in the Sun for a Bigger Brighter Future

Malta’s own favourite soft drink re-launches with sparkling new designs which pay homage to its past glory with a confident eye to the future.

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Unblvbl - '좋은 밤'이 라는 소주. Pleasant Evening (Concept)

"Unblvbl developed the concept of Asian cocktails based on soju - '좋은 밤' 이 라는 소주. Soju (소주) - Korean beverage, grain distillate strength from 20 to 45%, usually used in its pure form, but in recent years it has increasingly become an ingredient for cocktails. 좋은 밤 name translates from Korean as "Pleasant Evening" and this product was created just for this type of evening in nice company."

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