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Premium Gins that Pay Tribute to the Cities in which they are Inspired

"Premium gins that pay tribute to the cities in which they are inspired. A metropolitan brand that stands out on a map texture with a strong urban character.”

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Spanish Brand and Packaging Design for Beer

"Diseño realizado por el artista Jean Calude y el Diseñador Gráfico Alberto Jaspe para la marca Bizarra.”

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The Redesign of Penhaligon’s Classical Fragrance Elisabethan Rose

"The redesign of Penhaligon’s classical fragrance Elisabethan Rose, represents not only the union of dynasties at the end of the War of Roses, but the fusion and abstraction of historic and contemporary aesthetics, pursuing a timeless and exquisite experience.”

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Packaging Design for Valencian, Spanish Artisan Craft Beer

"Pol Nostrum Ale. Branding, Lettering & Packaging for a craft beer.
Logo design, label set, cap and box for Valencia Brew awarded by iTQi."

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