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Jameson Whiskey The Deconstructed Series a Super Premium Travel Retail Exclusive with focus on taste

"The idea behind the Deconstructed Series is to showcase the richness of expressions that are created through pulling Jameson Original’s components apart - (Pot Still Whiskey, Grain Whiskey, Oak contribution) - and then reconstructing and amplifying them. "

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Design Bridge - Guinness Harp Identity

"Design  Bridge  and  Guinness  are  very  excited  to  reveal  details  of  their  work  redesigning  the   world  famous  Guinness  harp  icon.  The  new  harp  conveys  the  true  craftsmanship  and  history  behind  Guinness’s  distinctive   beers  that  set  it  apart  from  the  recent  wave  of  new,  craft  beers,  while  also  resonating  with  the  next  generation  of  drinkers."

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