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Bastardo Organic Tequila Liqueur Sustainable Packaging Design

For Bastardo Organic Tequila Liqueur (123 Spirits, USA & Mexico) we designed a completely sustainable packaging design, where all items are individually sustainable. Bottle, labels, ink, glue etc. All parts are sustainable.

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Packaging Design for Wallis Tequila

Consumers are increasingly wary of trite cliches regarding masculinity and femininity in the context of their beverage selections. The aim with designing the bottle for Wallis Tequila was to develop a look that reflects the flavor within: bold yet refined, strong yet delicate; it's not ostentatious but it demands your attention.

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Pavement - Pavimento Tequila

"Pavimento Tequila is a brand conceived by Pavement to welcome the new year in 2015. As a brand created from top to bottom to promote the studio, we wanted to be sure that it stood out. Every detail is considered, including the name, bronze-engraved labels, custom typography, brand seals and logos, bottle structure and jute twine closures."

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