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Honouring the Hero of Barossa

 “A journey of discovery across a diverse and ancient vineyard landscape. Six origins. Six artisan winemakers. Six expressions of Barossa wine.”

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Packaging Design of Septimania Wine Labels

Identity for the entire portfolio of wines reflected the metaphor belonging to the name - Septimania - is a historical region on the French coast - that's keeping secrets and riddles that there's a lot more in this affair than meets the eye.

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Wangolina Patchwork of Passion

Back in 2017, Cornershop were fortunate to collaborate with Wangolina and other independent producers from Mount Benson, to help put the little known region on the map.

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New Parties for New Moments with Argentinian Wines

Bacchanal: (From the Latin Bacchanalia)
1. Celebrations in ancient Rome in honor of Bacchus, god of wine.
2. Unbridled parties where people ate, drank and had sex without moderation.”

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Discover a New Way to Celebrate with Portuguese Wines

 In Travassô, Águeda, stories are born every day, told in the first person by Casa D'Almear - Classic Vineyards.”

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Brand Redesign and Label Design for Solà Fred Wines

"Label design of a basic product range for Celler Masroig. Solà Fred refers to the sunny side of the hill where the grapes for this wine are grown.”

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Creative Experiments with the Rare and Indigenous Varieties of Cyprus

"Vouni Panayia Winery shares its experiments with the rare and indigenous varieties of Cyprus through an array of microvinifications.”

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Argentinian 200 Hand Made Wine Label Designs

"Revolution is where the mark is."

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