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Bendita Malta Craft Beer

An offering to the Malta, drink as a blessing.
Blessed Malta, a craft beer that reveres the raw material with which it is made.

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Driftwood Brewery’s Mad Bruin

Mad Bruin is a reimagining of Driftwood Brewery’s Oud Bruin Sour Brown Ale and the latest in their Bird of Prey series.

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Packaging Design for Wiskey From Beer

 There is plenty of room for the experiment in small scale projects. Our first work experience with brass casting — “UELKI”, is a specialized self-promo.

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Thirst Craft Open the Doors to Thornbridge Hall to Reinstate a Beacon of British Brewing

With the pace of change and the proliferation of competitors, craft brewery years can often feel like dog years, and at 13 years old Thornbridge Brewery was facing a midlife crisis.

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Packaging Design for Driftwood's Original Gravity Hazy IPA

For Driftwood Brewery’s new Original Gravity Hazy IPA, we used hand-lettered calligraphy, the capital O and G inspired by the “Original Gangsta” graffiti of the late 80s and early 90s. 

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