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Elegant Brand and Packaging Design for New Line of Adaptogen-infused Coconut Milk BasedDrinks

Raiz, a new line from Toronto, Canada, infuses coconut milk with adaptogenic ingredients such as moringa, turmeric, and chaga mushrooms to create a new generation of energy-boosting 'superdrinks.'

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Muti Gin

In South African English, the word "muti" is derived from the Zulu word umuthi, meaning "tree," whose root is -thi. Muti has been fashioned by traditional healers since the dawn of Africa, to sooth the afflictions of our people, from the outlandish to the ordinary. 

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Bendita Malta Craft Beer

An offering to the Malta, drink as a blessing.
Blessed Malta, a craft beer that reveres the raw material with which it is made.

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Label Design For Wine Bottle

The creation of this label involved a lot of time. With seemingly simple and temperate design, this project was a rather complex task with a lot of things at stake - the manufacturer's reputation, the expectations of consumers and the designer's qualification.

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Packaging Design for Wiskey From Beer

 There is plenty of room for the experiment in small scale projects. Our first work experience with brass casting — “UELKI”, is a specialized self-promo.

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Nutramins™ Live Well Grow Better

Nutramins™ is a new line of nutritional supplements that focus on wellness provision, combined with effective age management.

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