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Santicler Knitwear

 Los Angeles based Santicler is pioneering a future-forward brand that will change how ready-to-wear clothes are produced, manufactured and sold.

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Modern Bold Rebrand for Tatera

 TATERA: From a startup to a million-dollar business.  
Tatera is became one of the most famous home fragrance brands in the GCC.

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Visual Identity for Yelo! Pizza. The Sexiest Duck in K-town

 YELO! Pizza is currently perceived as of the trendiest Kuwaiti startups across the audience that they targeted (18-25 year old hipsters). We were tasked with creating a brave, new brand. One that we came up with from scratch!

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Classic Wine Bottle Design for Indigenous Grape Variety

" Orbelia is a small family-run winery located in one of the most interesting wine regions of Bulgaria – Struma Valley.”

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Branding, Packaging Design and Promotion for Bike Lamp Proudly Made in Brazil

"AFTER A SUCCESSFUL PATH IN THE B2B MARKET, Nastek — the leader in Brazil in high performance data communication systems”

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