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Appartement 103 Created Prestige Coffret For Mon Paris By Ysl

To celebrate the success of Yves St Laurent's flagship perfume 'Mon Paris', the luxury packaging design studio Appartement 103 was commissioned to create this special limited release "coffret prestige”, a bold gift box that elevates the brand's image and serves as a glorifier highlighting the products inside.

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Brand Design for  Öteki Pizza

Öteki Pizza is an artisan Pizza shop in Istanbul, Turkey. "Öteki" means "the other" in Turkish, and the artisanal shop aims to focus on consumers who aren't quite satisfied with their pizza preferences yet.

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French Wine Cellar Collaboration Concept for Self Promotion

"Creating typographical illustration packaging. Bottle Armagnac series, cognac, whisky, rum Made in France."

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Spanish Wine Label Design Based on Technical Boxers or Aggressive Warriors, it's White versus Red Wine

"Technical boxers or aggressive warriors? Sugar ‘Ray’ Robinson or Jake Lamotta? White or red wine?
That is the question.”

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Nortada - Regional craft beer from Porto Portugal

"Throughout the creative process, the main goal was to create an innovative label that reflexed the superior quality and the excellent ingredient choice used to brew this two beers, while maintaining the connection with the main edition labels and the brand youthful personality."

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Minimalistic Approach to Packaging Label Design for Wine Bottle Range

"Pastor winery's bottles have a very minimalistic approach, this detail comes from our everyday lives, clothing labels."

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