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Branding and Packaging for White Wine Malvasia De Sant Jaume (Cherubino Valsangiacomo), Spain

Cherubino Valsangiacomo is a cellar with a traditional background of family generations. The brand Vall de Sant Jaume is one of the first brands created by the cellar, and Malvasía de Sant Jaume is a tribute to this old first brand.

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Branding and Packaging Design for Ecological Farmer Florist in the Netherlands

" The company was founded by artist Denise Collignon and landscape historian and floriculturist Mariette Kamphuis.”

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Branding & Packaging Design for Floral Juice Bar that Deliver Floral Based Edible Tea's

"Delilah is a floral juice bar that creates unique one of a kind juices made out of a blend of edible flowers and fruits."

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