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Identity for Footwear and Apparel Brand

Deux supply is a contemporary apparel brand with inspiration and ecclesiastical and baroque reminiscences.

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Bendita Malta Craft Beer

An offering to the Malta, drink as a blessing.
Blessed Malta, a craft beer that reveres the raw material with which it is made.

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Mit Matcha for Los Amigues

The concepts of Union and meeting were used for the development of this project, the Union of two continents (Asian and American) and the action of meeting to take Matcha as part of an ancestral tradition translated into daily action.

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Brand and Packaging Design Inspired by Sunsets off the Peninsula of Baja California

" Tos Morelo, an artisanal gin of Mexican origin.”

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Branding and Packaging Design for a Drink with a Dark Mexican Identity for Danish Market

" Inspired by legends of some towns in Mexico, the collective imaginary "El zanjon del Diablo mezcal" emerges. A drink with a dark and powerful identity.”

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Music the Influence of a Concept for Brand and Packaging Design for Condoms

"The forest, the sea, the city, and even fragments of popular songs like "Querida" by Juan Gabriel or "Maria bonita" by Agustín Lara were the main reasons for the development of this graphic identity for condoms."

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