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“Ryazanskie” Dumplings – Welcome to the Hospitable Province!

Modern bright design in craft “loft café” style solves the problem of standing out on the shelf among competitors, but at the same time does not deny the “roots” of the product and the traditions of its place of production. A font that imitates handwriting gives a sense of care and warmth of manual labor.

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Packaging Design for Wiskey From Beer

 There is plenty of room for the experiment in small scale projects. Our first work experience with brass casting — “UELKI”, is a specialized self-promo.

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 Self Published Hand-lettered Label Designed to Promote Lettering Podcast

"Kelsy Stromski, Refinery 43’s Owner & Creative Director, was approached to sit down for an interview with Drunk on Lettering, a weekly podcast that features the top designers in the world…drunk. “

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Branding and Beer Label Packaging Design for Russian Brewery

"Last year “Dogma” brewery from Tyumen turned to our company to solve two problems: branding of the brewery and creating the package of the first flagship selection."

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Packaging Design for Valencian, Spanish Artisan Craft Beer

"Pol Nostrum Ale. Branding, Lettering & Packaging for a craft beer.
Logo design, label set, cap and box for Valencia Brew awarded by iTQi."

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