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The Baron in the Trees

A special and ambitious product, a Pecorino DOP wine without any artifices. The concept, inspired by the famous novell “The Baron in the Trees”, invites you to think outside the box and listen more carefully to the energy of this unique wine, destined to make history.

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Graphic Packaging Design for Organic Juices Range from Brazil

" "A synthesis of the harvest is one of the most natural gestures of our existence."

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Unblvbl - '좋은 밤'이 라는 소주. Pleasant Evening (Concept)

"Unblvbl developed the concept of Asian cocktails based on soju - '좋은 밤' 이 라는 소주. Soju (소주) - Korean beverage, grain distillate strength from 20 to 45%, usually used in its pure form, but in recent years it has increasingly become an ingredient for cocktails. 좋은 밤 name translates from Korean as "Pleasant Evening" and this product was created just for this type of evening in nice company."

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