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Learn to Love Yourself, Lisi Cassol Brand Design

 Lisi Cassol is an image and style consultant who works through empathy, so that her clients can get to know themselves and can understand how they feel better, thus choosing the way they dress and, consequently, learning how to deal with their own experiences as well.

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New Product Launch for Skincare Brand for Kids Range

"We were asked by our client, GoodPharma, to create the sub brand and packaging for the new Kids range of products to accompany their already existing range of adult itch relieving moisturizing skin cream.”

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Student Concept for Crazy, Scary, Cute and Funny Monster Chocolate Design

"During my studies at Shenkar Visual Communications College, I was asked to design a new brand of chocolate. I chose to use my monster for those branding, and I used craft paper as material."

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