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Emi Renzi Design and Illustration

According to legend, the ancestral peoples of all America will unite to try to convince Western culture to change their destructive action against Mother Earth because, if they do not, large nuclei of humanity will disappear.

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The Baron in the Trees

A special and ambitious product, a Pecorino DOP wine without any artifices. The concept, inspired by the famous novell “The Baron in the Trees”, invites you to think outside the box and listen more carefully to the energy of this unique wine, destined to make history.

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Branding and Packaging for White Wine Malvasia De Sant Jaume (Cherubino Valsangiacomo), Spain

Cherubino Valsangiacomo is a cellar with a traditional background of family generations. The brand Vall de Sant Jaume is one of the first brands created by the cellar, and Malvasía de Sant Jaume is a tribute to this old first brand.

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