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Brekki Redesign by Bex Brands

Brekki is a ready to enjoy grain, nut, seed and sometimes fruit portioned into a perfect single serve cup. It’s a great breakfast for anyone on the go that needs sustainable energy throughout the morning. 

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New Packaging Design for New Extended Pava-Pava Brand Positions Created by CUBA Creative Branding Studio

A new packaging design for new extended Pava-Pava brand positions was created by CUBA Creative Branding Studio in a project with the goal to improve a long-term, successful collaboration with manufacturer, built upon trust and transparency.

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Packaging Design for Egg Company in Athens Greece

The chicken or the egg dilemma is commonly stated as “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” - well, in these packages…

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Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Smart Tart

How can the toaster pastry become a delicious, nutrition-packed everyday staple? The answer The Smart Co. heard? IMPOSSIBLE! 
But they didn’t believe that rubbish for a minute, and with the help of Motto, dug deep and fought for a smarter tart.

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Khansar Organic Special Honey Packing

 Khansar honey as the country’s first organic honey, thinks of change the packaging of it’s to strategic products, the first step in solving this issue is to examine the previous packaging and identify the market and marketing problems, …

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