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Untitled.Candle Stands Out From With Rest in Bold Pull-ring Tins

Our first collection focuses on of one those ubiquitous home accessories - the candle. The ubiquity of the candle naturally means there are tens of thousands of brands, from homemade to designer adding to the saturated market – so why a candle?

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Branding and Packaging Design for Pandoo

Pandoo was born to bring a qualitative hygienic paper to Middle-East and the North
African markets. Its promise is to bring a soft gentle touch in every use thanks to it
premium raw materials and its innovative Triplex technology. 

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Packaging Design for One of the Finest Adblue Producer in India, Zantex

One of the finest producers of AdBlue in the country, Zantex approached Inkhorn to help them curate a well-designed package that stands out from their competitors and at the same time create a brand recognition value towards it's rural consumer base.

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Bulletproof Harnesses The Power Of Science And Nature For Exciting New Cleaning Range, ALKIMI

 Cleaning products manufacturer, Challs International, has partnered with the London office of independent brand design agency, Bulletproof, to launch ALKIMI, an exciting new highly efficacious and non-toxic cleaning range, which is safe for the user and their environment. 

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