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Rebrand and Packaging for Next Level Gaming Company SCUF

SCUF is an eSports company based in Atlanta that produces the most precise, performance-enhancing controllers on the market.

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Prospecting Kit Helps Thymes Fragrance Sales Staff Engage Retailers

 For nearly 30 years, Thymes has made botanical bath and body products with artisan fragrances.”

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Freelancer Concept for Pop-Up Package Design for Pralines Chocolate

"This type of product is typically purchased after one viewing, so a good first impression is crucial.”

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Student Concept for Limited Edition Olympic Cosmetic Line

"Skaphia is a concept limited-edition makeup line for Urban Decay. The name Skaphia comes from the mirror that lights up the fire in Olympic Games."

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Colombia's Answer for Lovers of Tasty but Healthy Food, Beautifully Delivered

For all the lovers of tasty and healthy food, EVOK has created mixtures that provide WELL-BEING, VITALITY AND CALMNESS."

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Percept - Tinkers

" The Challenge: Originally launched in 2010, Big W wanted to re-brand their ‘own brand’ of toys (aimed at ages 0-3) as it was losing traction against competitor brands."

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