Posts in Industry: Agriculture
Redesign for Premium Blend of Topsoil, Humus and Manure

Scotts Topsoil and Humus & Manure products contain a premium blend of ingredients ideal for maintaining and conditioning your garden and lawn.”

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Extending Nature’s Care Product Line of Soils and Insect Repellants

 Wink was tasked with extending their line of soils and insect repellants.”

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Agency Concept for Mid-tier Soil Packaging that Evokes Midwestern Values

Scotts Lawn Care was looking to create a new organic soil brand, Country Soil.”

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Brand Identity for Plant Nursery in Greece

MODAGRI is engaged in the production and the wholesale of outdoor plants.”

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Label and Packaging Design for Cannabis Cultivation Company from Arizona

“Grow Sciences approached me with the task to come up with a unique, minimal and
retro looking packaging inspired by the hip-hop culture.”

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