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Packaging Design For A New Brand of Shampoo For Bald Men

How to wash your hair if you shave bald your head? This simple question is often baffling — using hand soap inhumane. Hair shampoo - illogical, because there is no hair! It seems that cosmetic brands have ignored a significant proportion of men who have chosen to shave their heads bald.

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Supreme Blend Tea Packs Packaging Design for Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita is a new enterprise with a unique proposition in its market segment: it creates premium herbal blends that are coupled with select semi-precious stones based on their energy profiles and distinct properties.

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Aquatory Of Friends Packaging For Children's Products

The company Lubby, which manufactures products for the youngest children, has also launched its line of children's cosmetic products for washing, bathing and personal care.

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