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Packaging Design for Hans & Gretel from Greece

When you want to taste the flavor of magic, you need exceptional packaging… That’s what we had to create for the Hans & Gretel brand (candy stores), through a creative concept that could merge the magic of tastiness with the magic of design.

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Geometry Creates Global Packaging for the Campaign “It's Time to Eat Together” for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has introduced a new global packaging design, which reflects the essence of its recently launched campaign, “It’s time to eat together”.

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New craft Cider Adnams Wild Wave

Independent brand design studio CookChick has developed the positioning, naming, identity, packaging
design for a new craft cider Adnams Wild Wave.

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Brand Creation and Packaging Design for Metis from Antwerp, Belgium

Brand creation for Metis, a premium supplement brand that specialises in high-dose and effective combinations of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

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Brand Identity and Packaging Design for Smart Tart

How can the toaster pastry become a delicious, nutrition-packed everyday staple? The answer The Smart Co. heard? IMPOSSIBLE! 
But they didn’t believe that rubbish for a minute, and with the help of Motto, dug deep and fought for a smarter tart.

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