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Brand Creation for Exclusive Wine from Spain

Only 2,568 bottles of this exclusive wine from Petit Verdot grapes are elaborated by Bodega Doña Felisa; ..”

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Traditional Values in a Sleek Form of Oak Vodka

"Oak Vodka packaging design is a conceptual export variant of existing brand of polish vodka - Wódka Dębowa.”

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Student Concept for Crazy, Scary, Cute and Funny Monster Chocolate Design

"During my studies at Shenkar Visual Communications College, I was asked to design a new brand of chocolate. I chose to use my monster for those branding, and I used craft paper as material."

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Packaging Design for Red Wine

"El diseño de la etiqueta y el estuche premium para Alont, pretendía reflejar la línea elegante, seria y con más sobriedad de toda la línea de vinos elaborados y embotellados en la propiedad por Bodegas Pío del Ramo."

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Luke Dodridge - Smeg x Ocado Colour Coded Refrigeration Packaging (Student)

" his is a strategical intervention for Smeg, the home appliance manufacturers that solves incorrect refrigeration of food and drink at home."

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ILLUMINATION - Kininvie, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Brand creation, packaging, guidelines

Background: Hidden in the heart of Dufftown is the distillery of Kininvie. The distillery has been producing malt whisky since 1892 but has never carried the proud Kininvie name. William Grant & Sons felt that the time was right to share this reclusive treasure.


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DSG Creative Design Production - Shahnazaryan

"Shahnazaryan" - premium cognac 25 years of ageing. Complex project to create a premium producе .It was created the original concept of product design that solves several problems at once: the creation of a unique type of a brand and its recognizable visual identity, as well as to protect the product from possible imitations. The product was created under the most demanding taste, under the most demanding customers.It is a new jewel among this class of cognac. In search of a modern design for this project, the agency DSG has developed a unique external shape of the bottle in a classic style, which is the result of a combination of fashion and new trends. The design contains national traits, accentuating the product's origin.

Designed by DSG Creative Design Production

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Hello Monday - B&O Play Headphones

Hello Monday created this package design for B&O Play headphones, which target an audience that cares about music and technology, but are also in-tune with fashion and utilize their headphones as an accessory. The packaging reflects a high-end look for the headphone category with sleek photography, that is bold and minimal. 

Designed by Hello Monday

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