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Bathing Consumer Brand Creation and Packaging Concept for Cats

" Bathing is a new and scary concept for most cats.
Try and keep bath time positive and introduce bathing to your cat gradually!"

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Brand Repositioning for Vet Product Branding, Packaging, Graphic System, Communication and Digital

" Import-vet asked us for a change on its visual identity for a better market positioning.”

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Agency Concept for New Brand for Gourmet Dog Food

"WALDI – Doggos Love Our Gourmet Dinners
Even if our four-legged friends like to get up to mischief and cause chaos, we know that we couldn’t live without them.”

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CBA Re-Design Purina ‘Beyond’ to Secure its Place as the Leader in Natural Pet Food

" CBA were tasked to re-design Purina’s popular ‘Beyond’ pet food range to help bolster its presence as one of the market leaders in the natural pet food category.”

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Good Design that Turns Ordinary Process of Washing into an Exciting Game, Shampoo for Dogs

""Wash&Play" is a shampoo for dogs that turns ordinary process of washing into an exciting game."

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Branding and Structural Packaging Design for Premium Farm-To-Table Mail Order Dog Food Company

"Chef Chow was created as an award-winning student design. It is a premium farm-to-table mail order dog food company."

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Brand Identity and Assets for Next Generation Pet Store and Pet Adoption

"Establishing the identity of a business that specializes in pet adoption and sells products for cats and dogs. Proud partner of SPA de Québec, this next-gen pet store offers a vision of adoption that is both tender and playful."

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Retail Packaging for Online Pet Lifestyle Influencer Brand

"Made Somewhere created a friendly and playful brand for ‘Pooch Made’, an online retailer of pooch bandanas and a lifestyle influencer in the pet industry."

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