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The World Brand Design Society wants to help you celebrate creativity, hard work and credit the people behind it all. Help us promote good design practices and build a global community. For frequently asked questions see here.


Step 1 - Be Social, Responsible and Credit All

  1. Follow WBDS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin to be able to like and share.

  2. Make sure you own the copyright of the material and/or have permission to publish.

  3. Each JPG file must not be larger than 1MB, excessively large files will not be published.

  4. No additional credit via links or tagging will be added once the work has been published.

  5. Give credit where its due, from freelancer creatives to regional printers/producers.


STEP 2 - Submit Work

Submit your design case study here and provide all correct information below.

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Ägency business or personal
Agency business or personal
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1. Visit: 2. Upload files: each file no bigger than 1MB 3. Send email: 4. Press send files and add transfer link below 5. Press the SUBMIT PROJECT button

N.B. Please place a link in the box above even if you get a notice from Ignore this message as we are still receiving your files.