Winners Logos

Click on the image below, enable enlargement and then drag image onto your desktop to download. Medium resolution PNG format only, for the purpose of social media and other digital mediums. Please use all material responsibly.* This material is only granted to said agencies and individuals who have been selected and shortlisted for notability of excellence in the field of consumer brand and packaging design. 


Main Logos

General Logo for WPDS / Agencies

General Logo for WPDS / Students

General Logo for WPDS / Shortlisted

 Logo for WPDS / Shortlisted / 2017.



WPDS / Gold Agency (For Light Background)

WPDS / Silver Agency (For Dark Background)

WPDS / Gold Agency (For Dark Background)

WPDS / Bronze Agency (For Light Background)

WPDS / Silver Agency (For Light Background)

WPDS / Bronze Agency (For Dark Background)



WPDS / Gold Student (For Light Background)

WPDS / Gold Student (For Dark Background)

WPDS / Silver Student (For Light Background)

WPDS / Silver Student (For Dark Background)

WPDS / Bronze Student (For Light Background)

WPDS / Bronze Student (For Dark Background)

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